What Supplements I Take for Hashimoto’s and How I Remember to Take Them

July 22, 2017

I have had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis for over 16 years and over that time I have found various vitamins and supplements that help my condition. I always remember to take my thyroid meds in the morning on an empty stomach, but I was having trouble remembering to take all of my supplements while I was at work. I searched the internet to try to find the best pill organizer that would work for me and I found this:

What is so great about this pill organizer is that it is several organizers in one. Each color can be used for a different day, but each color is a separate pillbox so I can take that day’s pills with me in my purse. Each color has 3 separate compartments, so you can divide up your pills into morning, noon, and night. I actually use up the first 2 compartments for supplements I take after lunch on a full stomach, then the evening compartment for my second thyroid dose. I used a label maker to label each pillbox a different day of the week and I really think it is useful for me to have them labeled.

The whole thing comes in a clear plastic box, so you can take 7 days worth of pills with you on a week long vacation.

I know people are going to ask me what supplements and vitamins I take for my Hashimoto’s, so here is a list:


Vitamin C (time released)

Beef liver (yes, beef liver in a pill)


Vitamin D-3 & K-2 (combination pill)



Biotin (helps with Hashi hair loss)

Vitamin B complex (time released)


Black Cohosh (this is for my new hot flashes I’m experiencing)

Be sure to talk with your doctor before adding any of these supplements to your health care routine. They may interfere with other conditions or medications.

What supplements do you take and how do you remember to take them? Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for me as well!

Where to Stay in North Lake Tahoe

June 12, 2017


Where to Stay in North  Lake Tahoe

(Not a sponsored post.)


We stayed at a gorgeous property in Tahoe Vista called Cedar Glen Lodge. We were not referred here by anyone; I had just found it on the internet while searching for something different than a hotel. I have to tell you that the website does not do this place justice! The beauty of this property cannot be captured in a photograph. The owner, Martha, was there when we arrived and checked us in. She was eager to tell us where we could hike, where we could eat, and how to enjoy our stay. She had great recommendations for dining as well a spa for massages. She purchased the property on 2010 and has since done major upgrades and remodeling.


We chose to stay in “The Lodge” because there were only 2 of us and we wanted a lake view. We were not disappointed in this view from our room:

The accommodations were perfect. Adorable rustic décor combined with all the necessities including a warm fireplace that was going when we first arrived. The bedside lanterns, wood built-ins, and bear cutout room numbers just added to the charm of Cedar Glen Lodge.




The property has so much to offer even if it was too cold for us to take advantage of it all. From their website:

  • Wine Bar with great views and a cozy stone fireplace
  • Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe
  • Beach Access Across the Street
  • Continental Breakfast – Included with Stay
  • Tesla and Universal Electric Charging Station
  • Large Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool during the summer months
  • Hot Tub all year-round
  • Sauna all year-round
  • Putting Green
  • Volleyball
  • Ping Pong
  • Barbecues
  • Lawn Area with Picnic Tables and Chairs
  • Fire-Pit with complimentary s’mores
  • Complimentary WiFi

The fire wasn’t going on our 2nd night, so we went in and asked Martha if it could be lit. She was so happy that we asked! She said, “The place has no soul when there is no fire.” The fire really drew the other patrons out of their cottages and when everyone gathered around, she offered s’mores to roast. Franco, who works there as a retirement job, brought me out a glass of wine from the wine bar at my request and charged it to my room. We all sat around the fire talking and enjoying ourselves. Although they said it must be quiet on the property at 10pm, Franco didn’t put out the fire until 10:30 because he saw how we were all enjoying ourselves.


The continental breakfast that is included in the stay is much more than a continental breakfast that you’d find at other hotels. There were a LOT of pastries, fruit, cereal, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and even gluten free bread. The lounge is so cozy that you don’t want to leave after breakfast is over. There are board games and puzzles in there if you actually don’t want to leave.


We went on the “secret hike” that Martha gave us directions to. I have to tell you that she did not tell us how incredible this hike was going to be! This path led us to the most amazing views of the lake I have ever seen! This spot is marked as being half in California and half in Nevada.

We enjoyed our stay at Cedar Glen Lodge so much that we are planning to return VERY SOON! Let’s face it, the property was perfect, but Martha and Franco are the real reason to return.

My husband and I at the top of the “secret hike” in North Lake Tahoe

Have you ever stayed at Cedar Glen Lodge? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Why I Shave My Face (and why you should too!)

Face shaving for women
Why I Shave My Face (and why you should too!)

Now, I need to start off by saying I do not have facial “hair”. What I have, like most women, is peach fuzz; little blond peach fuzz all over my face. I especially do not like the hair around my mouth-it’s very cat-like. I heard about face shaving for women and found a method that works for me.

First, I must dispel the old wives tales regarding shaving in general. It will NOT make the hair grow back thicker or courser. This is impossible! Cutting the hairs off at the root does not cause more hair follicles to form under the skin. Also, the hair is as course as it’s going to get (let’s face it, peach fuzz is not coarse.)

Why would I shave my face? I shave my face for GREAT exfoliation! My face is so soft and smooth after shaving and it really takes that dullness away that a layer of peach fuzz provides. My makeup goes on easier and looks much better after shaving. If I have any peeling or flaking from Retin-A use, the razor helps with that as well.

So, do I lather up my face with shaving cream and go at it with the same razor I use on my legs? No way! I use a method called dry shaving with an eyebrow razor. The eyebrow razor is very easy to use. You make small strokes in a downward motion at about a 45 degree angle. Be careful around your lips, as I have made tiny cuts there before (nothing like a real razor would). The eyebrow razors are designed to clean up the hairs around your eyes, but I would be VERY careful that you don’t accidentally shave off part of your eyebrows or eyelashes.

There are a few different brands of eyebrow razors out there, but the disposable razors that I use come in a pack of 3. I get about 2 uses out of each one and shave my face about every other week. There are some counterfeit razors out there, so be sure you are getting an authentic product! I hear the fake ones do not work as well. The brand is Dorco and the razors are Tinkle. Check product descriptions and photos for authenticity.

Have you ever tried face shaving? What method did you use and what benefits have you enjoyed?

How I Repaired My Dry, Damaged Hair

I have always had thin, dry hair so coloring it probably wasn’t a good idea if I didn’t want it to get any worse but…you know how that goes (especially since I’ve started to notice some “silver” hairs.) Over the last year, I set out to repair my dry, damaged hair all the while hoping to continue to color it and these are the exact steps I took to get thicker, fuller hair than I’ve had in years!


Things I STOPPED doing to my hair


  1. I stopped washing it every single day. This was a hard one for me since my hair is thin, I feel like it looks greasy quickly. I can never go 3 days without washing, but I found that by adding dry shampoo, I CAN go every other day. I tried a few different brands of dry shampoo, but this one is my favorite: http://amzn.to/2rvtMmw
  2. I stopped rubbing my head with a towel after washing. Apparently, you can really damage your hair doing this (I’ve been doing this my whole life!) So, what do you do? You use the Turbie Twist! http://amzn.to/2s54vNd
  3. I stopped flat ironing my hair every day. Really, this was probably one of main reasons why my poor hair was breaking off so much. To get rid of the frizz on the ends, I just quickly run a large barrel curling iron through my hair only on wash days. But before I do that, I make sure I spray a heat protectant on it. This one protects hair up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit: http://amzn.to/2qsSjVg


Things I STARTED doing to my hair

  1. I started using a hair mask every time I wash my hair. I had never used a hair mask in my life and I actually didn’t even know they existed until last year. I started with this one by Lee Stafford http://amzn.to/2rMll5P and was very happy with it. It smells amazing and did not weigh my hair down. I used it in between shampooing and conditioning. After going through several containers of that one, I switched it up a bit and started using Eva-NYC therapy session. It also smells amazing, but this one can be used as an every (wash) day conditioner. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2s4SHKQ
  2. I started using a leave-in treatment. Honestly, adding this to my hair routine scared me because I thought all of these products were going to weigh down my hair and make it greasy, but they don’t! I only recently started using this one http://amzn.to/2rvmbEx , so the jury is still out until I have used up an entire bottle, but what I can say is that you can use a LOT of this product and it does not make your hair greasy at all! I have used up to 3 full pumps and been fine.
  3. I started using a hair growth serum: http://amzn.to/2qqu9hZ Now, this is not a medicated product like Rogaine, this is a watery serum to put on your roots at nighttime. I only use it every other night (the night before I’m going to wash my hair in the morning) because I was again afraid of it making my hair greasy the next day. Honestly, it doesn’t make it greasy and I actually could use it everyday, but I haven’t tried. On the nights I use it, my husband always comments, “Oh you used that stuff that makes your hair smell good!” He really loves how it smells!


The very last thing I did was to start taking Biotin every day. I had tried other brands and I wasn’t able to be consistent with them because it was yet another pill to swallow (I take a lot of vitamins). This one http://amzn.to/2qxadW2 is much easier to take every day because it is a fast dissolving tablet and has a wonderful strawberry flavor. Obviously, check with your doctor if this is something you can take or not.


So these are ALL of things I started and stopped doing in order to grow my hair thicker and longer. Do I know if ALL of them work? No, not really. It could be a combination of all of them because they each have their own purpose, but I do plan on continuing to use these products because my hair really is in better condition since I started using them. Even my hair stylist, who I hadn’t gone to in about a year, noticed how healthy my hair was and asked what I did to repair it!


Have you used any of these products with success? I’d love to hear what other products you have tried that have helped you achieve stronger, healthier hair!









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Why I Started Blogging

Why I started Blogging

Do you want to feel more control of your life? Nine years ago I owned my owned business at the same time the economy was taking a dive. I felt like I was working 80 hours a week and not getting ahead. I wanted to make changes in my life…big changes.


I decided it was time to sell my business and go to college. I wanted to work less and make more money. I wanted someone to give me a weekly paycheck instead of having to hustle to make a buck. I researched several different careers and settled on one that would feed my soul and still pay the bills. It was going to take 6 years to complete this. While six years seemed like forever, six 6 years were still going to pass and I didn’t want to look back and think what I could have accomplished in that time. I wanted to look back and say, “I did it!”


By now you have guessed that I actual did do it. I graduated with the degree I desired and found myself working in my field of choice (making a weekly paycheck that paid the bills). To skip over those 6 years makes it sound like it was easy when it was extremely difficult. My husband was the only one working, so financially it was a burden, but we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and persevered.


Setting and reaching this long-term life-changing goal made me feel more in control of my life than any other thing I have ever done. It was this experience that made me realize how I am the only person in control of my life. I had heard that before, but it hadn’t fully understood it until I actually took the reigns of my life and accomplished this goal.


For the last three years, I have been working in my field and have faced different challenges that life has presented me. I am a curious person by nature, so when I see a problem I try to research all of the possible solutions. I invite you to join me in my documentation of tackling life’s little (or big) obstacles. My current points of issue are: anti-aging, skincare, low thyroid, damaged hair, debt-free living, health and weight loss, fashion over 40, and whatever else life throws at me! We will have some fun with travel, home decorating and wine tasting, too!


Please come along for the ride and subscribe to my newsletter so that you don’t miss a single journal entry or links to my favorite products that can help you take control and live an inspired life!

How To Hide Your C-PAP Machine

How to hide your CPAP machine

How to hide your CPAP machine

When we redecorated our bedroom, the one thing that was a huge, ugly problem was my husband’s CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine for sleep apnea. I sought out a way to hide it and came up with a beautiful, decorative box that matches our bedroom perfectly.

Keys to finding the right box:

1. The box must have a lid. This way you can remove the lid to use the CPAP at night and put the lid back on during the day to hide the monstrosity.
2. The box must have open handles. This will allow you run the electrical cord through the handle and still keep the box closed during the day. This part is critical.
CPAP machine box handles
3. The box must be large enough to accommodate the mask and tubing as well as the actual machine. Measure the machine before looking for an appropriate box. You want to make sure it is not too tight because you don’t want to block any air intake on the machine.

Open box CPAP machine
4. The box must be pretty enough to sit on your nightstand!


Here are a few baskets I found on Amazon:

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Have you found another way to hide your CPAP machine? Please let me know!











3 Vitamins You Need in Your Skincare Routine

Most people know that vitamins are good for you, but did you know that your skin can benefit from applying vitamins directly on it? It’s true! Let’s look at them one at at time.

Vitamin A- Otherwise known as Retin A or tretinoin. This vitamin is only available in the US with a prescription unless you buy a product containing the milder form, retinol which is available at drugstores. Retin A is the gold standard product for anti-aging because it encourages cell turnover and collagen production. No other product will do what Retin A will do for your skin.

Vitamin B- Found in some over the counter serums, vitamin B can be very healing and moisturizing to the skin especially when combined with hyaluronic acid. Not many people are touting the effects of vitamin B in their skin care routine, but don’t let this one slip by-it’s an excellent vitamin to add to your regimen.

Vitamin C-This is one that many skincare experts have been talking about for years. It can also help with collegen production, but it can also help with sun damage and skin texture. Vitamin C is found in over the counter creams and serums which is often combined with vitamin E to extend the shelf life.

My favorite sources:
Retin A-I get from my doctor
Vitamin B
Vitamin C

Try adding all 3 of these ingredients to your anti-aging skincare routine and see how much they can help!

Let me know in the comments which products you have tried and what benefits you have seen in your skin.









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