3 Vitamins You Need in Your Skincare Routine

Most people know that vitamins are good for you, but did you know that your skin can benefit from applying vitamins directly on it? It’s true! Let’s look at them one at at time.

Vitamin A- Otherwise known as Retin A or tretinoin. This vitamin is only available in the US with a prescription unless you buy a product containing the milder form, retinol which is available at drugstores. Retin A is the gold standard product for anti-aging because it encourages cell turnover and collagen production. No other product will do what Retin A will do for your skin.

Vitamin B- Found in some over the counter serums, vitamin B can be very healing and moisturizing to the skin especially when combined with hyaluronic acid. Not many people are touting the effects of vitamin B in their skin care routine, but don’t let this one slip by-it’s an excellent vitamin to add to your regimen.

Vitamin C-This is one that many skincare experts have been talking about for years. It can also help with collegen production, but it can also help with sun damage and skin texture. Vitamin C is found in over the counter creams and serums which is often combined with vitamin E to extend the shelf life.

My favorite sources:
Retin A-I get from my doctor
Vitamin B
Vitamin C

Try adding all 3 of these ingredients to your anti-aging skincare routine and see how much they can help!

Let me know in the comments which products you have tried and what benefits you have seen in your skin.









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