How To Hide Your C-PAP Machine

How to hide your CPAP machine

How to hide your CPAP machine

When we redecorated our bedroom, the one thing that was a huge, ugly problem was my husband’s CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine for sleep apnea. I sought out a way to hide it and came up with a beautiful, decorative box that matches our bedroom perfectly.

Keys to finding the right box:

1. The box must have a lid. This way you can remove the lid to use the CPAP at night and put the lid back on during the day to hide the monstrosity.
2. The box must have open handles. This will allow you run the electrical cord through the handle and still keep the box closed during the day. This part is critical.
CPAP machine box handles
3. The box must be large enough to accommodate the mask and tubing as well as the actual machine. Measure the machine before looking for an appropriate box. You want to make sure it is not too tight because you don’t want to block any air intake on the machine.

Open box CPAP machine
4. The box must be pretty enough to sit on your nightstand!


Here are a few baskets I found on Amazon:

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