Why I Shave My Face (and why you should too!)

Face shaving for women
Why I Shave My Face (and why you should too!)

Now, I need to start off by saying I do not have facial “hair”. What I have, like most women, is peach fuzz; little blond peach fuzz all over my face. I especially do not like the hair around my mouth-it’s very cat-like. I heard about face shaving for women and found a method that works for me.

First, I must dispel the old wives tales regarding shaving in general. It will NOT make the hair grow back thicker or courser. This is impossible! Cutting the hairs off at the root does not cause more hair follicles to form under the skin. Also, the hair is as course as it’s going to get (let’s face it, peach fuzz is not coarse.)

Why would I shave my face? I shave my face for GREAT exfoliation! My face is so soft and smooth after shaving and it really takes that dullness away that a layer of peach fuzz provides. My makeup goes on easier and looks much better after shaving. If I have any peeling or flaking from Retin-A use, the razor helps with that as well.

So, do I lather up my face with shaving cream and go at it with the same razor I use on my legs? No way! I use a method called dry shaving with an eyebrow razor. The eyebrow razor is very easy to use. You make small strokes in a downward motion at about a 45 degree angle. Be careful around your lips, as I have made tiny cuts there before (nothing like a real razor would). The eyebrow razors are designed to clean up the hairs around your eyes, but I would be VERY careful that you don’t accidentally shave off part of your eyebrows or eyelashes.

There are a few different brands of eyebrow razors out there, but the disposable razors that I use come in a pack of 3. I get about 2 uses out of each one and shave my face about every other week. There are some counterfeit razors out there, so be sure you are getting an authentic product! I hear the fake ones do not work as well. The brand is Dorco and the razors are Tinkle. Check product descriptions and photos for authenticity.

Have you ever tried face shaving? What method did you use and what benefits have you enjoyed?