How I Repaired My Dry, Damaged Hair

I have always had thin, dry hair so coloring it probably wasn’t a good idea if I didn’t want it to get any worse but…you know how that goes (especially since I’ve started to notice some “silver” hairs.) Over the last year, I set out to repair my dry, damaged hair all the while hoping to continue to color it and these are the exact steps I took to get thicker, fuller hair than I’ve had in years!


Things I STOPPED doing to my hair


  1. I stopped washing it every single day. This was a hard one for me since my hair is thin, I feel like it looks greasy quickly. I can never go 3 days without washing, but I found that by adding dry shampoo, I CAN go every other day. I tried a few different brands of dry shampoo, but this one is my favorite:
  2. I stopped rubbing my head with a towel after washing. Apparently, you can really damage your hair doing this (I’ve been doing this my whole life!) So, what do you do? You use the Turbie Twist!
  3. I stopped flat ironing my hair every day. Really, this was probably one of main reasons why my poor hair was breaking off so much. To get rid of the frizz on the ends, I just quickly run a large barrel curling iron through my hair only on wash days. But before I do that, I make sure I spray a heat protectant on it. This one protects hair up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit:


Things I STARTED doing to my hair

  1. I started using a hair mask every time I wash my hair. I had never used a hair mask in my life and I actually didn’t even know they existed until last year. I started with this one by Lee Stafford and was very happy with it. It smells amazing and did not weigh my hair down. I used it in between shampooing and conditioning. After going through several containers of that one, I switched it up a bit and started using Eva-NYC therapy session. It also smells amazing, but this one can be used as an every (wash) day conditioner. You can find it here:
  2. I started using a leave-in treatment. Honestly, adding this to my hair routine scared me because I thought all of these products were going to weigh down my hair and make it greasy, but they don’t! I only recently started using this one , so the jury is still out until I have used up an entire bottle, but what I can say is that you can use a LOT of this product and it does not make your hair greasy at all! I have used up to 3 full pumps and been fine.
  3. I started using a hair growth serum: Now, this is not a medicated product like Rogaine, this is a watery serum to put on your roots at nighttime. I only use it every other night (the night before I’m going to wash my hair in the morning) because I was again afraid of it making my hair greasy the next day. Honestly, it doesn’t make it greasy and I actually could use it everyday, but I haven’t tried. On the nights I use it, my husband always comments, “Oh you used that stuff that makes your hair smell good!” He really loves how it smells!


The very last thing I did was to start taking Biotin every day. I had tried other brands and I wasn’t able to be consistent with them because it was yet another pill to swallow (I take a lot of vitamins). This one is much easier to take every day because it is a fast dissolving tablet and has a wonderful strawberry flavor. Obviously, check with your doctor if this is something you can take or not.


So these are ALL of things I started and stopped doing in order to grow my hair thicker and longer. Do I know if ALL of them work? No, not really. It could be a combination of all of them because they each have their own purpose, but I do plan on continuing to use these products because my hair really is in better condition since I started using them. Even my hair stylist, who I hadn’t gone to in about a year, noticed how healthy my hair was and asked what I did to repair it!


Have you used any of these products with success? I’d love to hear what other products you have tried that have helped you achieve stronger, healthier hair!









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